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Training every day except Sunday. Drop in and say hi, no matter your rank, style or fighting system. We’re at: 7/10 Hayter St, Currumbin Waters.
Just 400m off the freeway, Stewart Rd Exit 95.   Osu. CFQ

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Jūnan — Flexibility — Sosai Mas Oyama taught us that the soul of karate lies in real fighting kumite. The basics of kumite is kata. The basics of kata is idō-kihon (moving basics). The basics of idō-kihon is kihon (basics). And the basics of basics is flexibility. Of the four main somatics, flexibility is the most important because it establishes to base of all other attributes.

Osu! Another great Training Gasshuku and black belt grading is over. Thank you to everyone who participated. The learning was focused and the participation was energetic. Take home what you focused on and apply it to your training and see what a difference it makes. Osu. Cameron Quinn
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